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Southeast Alaska Patrols

Although we are remote, a good 60 miles by water from Juneau, we see a fair amount of enforcement activity out on the water. There are 5 major entities patrolling the waters of Southeast Alaska that may check on you:

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Self-Guided Fishing with Some Help From Us

Stabi Craft Boat

In our previous post we addressed some concerns our first time guests have with driving their own fishing boat. Today, we explain why Doc Warner’s has chosen to use a self-guided fishing system and how we work to enhance that

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Self-Guided Fishing Concerns Addressed

Driving a Boat at Doc Warner's Lodge in Juneau Alaska

Self-guided fishing is one thing that makes Doc Warner’s unique. Initially, this can be intimidating, and many guests ask us, “Well, don’t I need a guide to help me catch these monster fish?” Our response: “Absolutely not!” With a little

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Navigating Alaska’s Waters in a Small Boat

Feeding Humpback Whales in Juneau, Alaska

Even if you are a seasoned boater, there are a few important rules you need to keep in mind when navigating Alaska’s waters.

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Pulling the Anchor

Pulling an Anchor in Excursion Inlet, Alaska

Our guests love the experience and freedom of driving their own boats and choosing their own fishing spots. A necessary skill for each driver to learn is pulling the anchor when ready to move. This video demonstrates the proper technique

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