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Willis’ Fish Tale

Let me start off by saying I enjoyed my stay at your fishing lodge tremendously. The food, accommodations and most importantly, the people who worked there were all outstanding. Everyone associated with your operation made me feel very welcome and

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Trapier Fish Tale

We were out by the green bouy when I snagged a heavy halibut. The “muscle” of our group took over for me to reel it in. Suddenly, about 400 yards away there appeared a big sea lion grabbing our fish.

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The Kirkpatrick’s Fish Tale

Kirkpatrick Fish Tale from Southeast Alaska

My favorite fish story…

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Chapman Fish Tale

Chapmans catch 100 pound Halibut

The 4th of July 2016 will be remembered forever.

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Landry Fish Tale

It was Wednesday and we had yet to catch our limit of salmon.

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