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I Caught an Octopus…What do I do?

One of the fun adventures at Doc Warner’s is that you never know what you are going to have on the end of your line. One of the more fun calls I get at the lodge is when someone has

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How to Land a Halibut

Each guest at Doc Warner’s is allowed to keep two halibut per day and no size restrictions. With so many halibut being caught, let’s run through the process of landing a halibut.

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How to Land a Salmon

There is something exhilarating about seeing your fishing line release from the downrigger and your pole tip flip up toward the sky. It means you have a salmon on the line and it’s time to reel it in.

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How to Tell Salmon Apart

The limits for Silvers (Coho), Pinks (Humpy), Chums (Dog), and Reds (Sockeye) are six per species per guest per day. For Kings (Chinook), the limits are set annually and change throughout the year. They can be anywhere from five or

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Finding the Hot Spots

King Salmon Doc Warners

When someone catches a big halibut and brings it to the dock everyone wants to know where the fish was caught. The fortunate anglers who caught the big fish love to share their secrets and give out location information. For

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