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Baiting for Halibut

Halibut Fishing at Doc Warners Alaska

At Doc Warner’s Lodge, we want your trip to be a successful one. By using underwater cameras, we have learned how halibut feed and how to prepare the bait. We want this to be the type of haul we send

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Baiting for Salmon

Salmon Caught at Doc Warners

One of the key elements to fishing Alaska salmon is choosing proper bait and bait presentation. While this sounds simple, the process can be complex and, if done right, can yield huge rewards.

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Flashers and Dodgers

Fishing Flashers

Flashers and dodgers are devices that reflect the sun and can be used to troll for King, Silver or Chum Salmon: fish that are attracted to the reflected light. Because different colors reflect light at different depths, knowing which colors

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