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WWII History of Excursion Inlet

Doc Warner’s lodge is located at the mouth of Excursion Inlet. Long before our guests began enjoying the calm fishing waters near Excursion Inlet, the United States Army built a barge terminal to aid the Army’s efforts to liberate the

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The Drying Room

In the early years at the lodge, we had a 14-kilowatt generator to provide our electricity. The generator was housed in a small room off the original boathouse. The radiator fan faced outside toward the trees. Several times during the

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The Boat Ladder

During our early camping years, before we had a boat dock, we had a twice-daily ritual of launching boats for fishing in the morning and retrieving them from the water at nightfall. The big tide differentials meant that if we

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The Geo-Dome and the Sequence of Problems

In the mid 1990’s, just before we bought land and began building the lodge, we camped in Excursion Inlet, a short distance from our current location. The owners of the property were personal friends. The Gordon’s had purchased an aluminum

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Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse

The salt water fishing areas near Doc Warner’s lodge have always been very productive.  At the end of the fishing week, our guests are often surprised at the amount of fish they have caught.  As a policy, we provide two

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