Fishing Update

2017 End of Season

The fish is in the freezer, the boats are put away, the rooms and buildings winterized, and the 2017 season is now a fond memory. Thank you to those who spent time with us this summer.

The big story for this year was SILVERS! The silvers showed up in late June and stayed strong throughout the season. These fish jumped and performed their signature antics to the delight of fishermen. At times, the catch was 3 to 1 Silvers over Pinks; an unheard-of ratio. Looking forward, the 2018 forecast for silvers appears to be for another banner year. We all like to hear those types of predictions!

Halibut this year were a little slower than we have become accustomed to. We suspect that this happened because more time was spent fishing for big silvers. The amount of bait, salmon, cod, and herring in the water also meant that the halibut were well fed and not as active. Indeed, the halibut filleted on the dock, even the smaller halibut, appeared to be extremely thick and filled out.

Farmer’s Almanac has released a 2018 forecast that seems to mimic the weather we had this last summer. Generally, the weather was cooler and wetter than average this season and it appears next year will be a repeat.

In 2018, we are looking forward to Doc and Linda returning from their mission in Taiwan and we anticipate they will spend most of the season in Alaska. Other noticeable changes include simple things like raingear and boots being included in your package. In addition, we will be adding to our selection of Halibut jigging options in the trading post. Jigging means you will be able to fish unanchored for halibut which translates to not being dependent on currents and tides to keep your hook on the bottom. This more active fishing will add to your next fishing adventure at Doc’s.

Thank you again for a spectacular season at Doc’s. Our project lists are written, the show season is only a few months away, reservations for future years are filling fast, and we can hardly wait to return to that special place we all know as “Doc’s”.

See you “reel” soon,

Your Doc Warner’s Family

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