07 02

Fishing Update – 2017 Week 3 (July 2 – July 8, 2017)

Wow…fish are everywhere this year. With such a large catch coming in, staff were up late most nights processing fish. As we are headed back to Juneau this morning on the catamaran, there is plenty of fish chatter and plan making for a return to Doc’s.

We had several halibut over 100# and one over 150#. Lots of other nice fish. Most of the halibut are coming from the west right now. We are having the time of our lives catching. Wish you were here too.

The salmon continue to impress. The silvers are running very strong with several boats limiting out. We had a couple of Kings in the mix as well. Pinks are large and building in number. All in all it is a great season to be at Doc’s

We hope to start getting our weekly photos and video uploaded soon as well. I hope to see you all “reel” soon.


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