07 16

Fishing Update – 2017 Week 5 (July 16 – July 22, 2017)

Super fishing week again! The weather was mainly dry this week and the winds were calm. Fish were jumping everywhere and the fillet knives were humming right along. Most nights the dock worked late and everyday we had to box up fish to make room for the day’s new catch. By the end of the week the fish freezer was bulging. It is a super fishing year.

Silvers continue to run strong and are getting bigger each week. Pinks are mostly large and guests are now consistently catching them off the dock and on shorelines. Many boats limited on both species multiple days this week. We are also seeing more Reds and some large chums as well.

Halibut fishing was slower at the beginning of the week. Sue joined our 150# club with a fish that weighed 184#s on Thursday and then joined the 100# club on Friday with a 105# fish. We think the halibut fishery is a little slow because of so much feed in the water. Regardless, the fish have been plentiful and the boxes full.

I hope you all are enjoying the hot weather down south. We are enjoying cool breezes and super-sized fish. I’d write more but….FISH ON!


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