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Fishing Update – 2017 Week 10 (August 20 – August 26, 2017)

Silvers! They are everywhere. I keep hearing from guests who are soon to arrive that they are worried the Silvers will be gone before they get here…at this rate we could fish through October and limit every day. This is the best Silver run we have ever seen.

Halibut has slowed considerably as guests spend more and more time chasing Silvers. Those that spent time at fishing halibut did well, particularly on the west side of our fishing grounds.

The fall weather pattern has arrived in force. We have a series of small fronts moving through each week. The fronts push more and more fish into the fishing area but come with bigger waves. We hear daily how nice our Stabi-Craft boats handle the seas. They make for a smooth ride and a great day fishing at Doc’s.

Only two more weeks for the season. The 2018 season is well over half filled now and 2019 is starting to book steadily as well. Call us in the office if your dreams include a fishing trip, we would love to see you “reel” soon at that special place we call Doc’s!

As Doc’s becomes the place to come with friends and family for fishing, we increasingly find it difficult to find space in some weeks. For those of you that return frequently, give us a call in the office. We can make standing reservations and book many years in advance. As always, if you need to cancel at any time we will refund 100% or roll it over into another year; just let us know when you know.

Keep Fishing,

Here are some favorite experiences from this week:

Could not keep the silvers (all pigs!) off the line! Whale watching – Hal D.

Family time with son & father, de-stress from work, fish, talking with staff, feeling welcome – Rob T.

Excellent cuisine, great variety – Ben & Jeanette B.

See wildlife – otters, sea lions, whales, orcas, etc. – amazing even got to see 5 wolves on Pleasant Island. – Norm J.

Catching a 35 lb halibut on an ugly stick while trolling. Really enjoyed the tour. Thanks for taking the time Mark. – James D.

To see more pictures, take a look at our Instagram. Don’t forget to tag all your pictures with #docwarners.

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