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Fishing Update – 2017 Week 12 (September 3 – September 9, 2017)

Final week of the 2017 season. The weather fluctuated this week from wet and windy to calm and clear. In all there was more wet than not, but our fishermen were undaunted in their pursuits.

Salmon continued to be the story this week. Guests were limiting on Silvers by Wednesday and continued that through the end of the week. There were even a few bright pinks brought in.

Halibut was a little slower. Like Salmon, guests didn’t start finding them in number until Wednesday. Even though many of the fish were small in length, they were super fat. It looks like the halibut for next year have been well fed and we should see them get bigger quicker over the winter.

As the catamaran left the dock this morning, there were many happy smiles and loaded fish boxes and people wishing 2018 would get here quicker so they could return to that special place we call “Doc’s”. Thank you for following the weekly reports. We will have an end of season report up in a few days.

Take care and see you “reel” soon in 2018,


“For me the time spent with my sons “Priceless”. It was a fantastic trip with an abundance of pleasant memories that will last for years. The personnel that you employ all are knowledgeable and always ready to help with any problems. ” Mark R.

“Thanks for a fun week! There were many aspects of the trip I enjoyed – mainly the salmon fishing and spending time with my dad, aunt and uncle. As far as Doc’s is concerned, I loved that I didn’t have to think about ANYTHING!!! The level of organization was impressive. No meals to plan, cook, and prepare. No prep or cleanup on the boat, tackle and fish. No worrying about how to get the fish home. Everything was taken care of in an efficient AND friendly manner – which brings me to my next point. The staff was amazing! The dock hands were friendly, entertaining, and always willing to help. The kitchen staff was great. I was preparing myself for having to deal with cafeteria-like food all week. The food was quite tasty.

Kudos to you all for a job well done. ” Keiko C.

“The food, the accommodations, the food, the management team, the Chef’s, the food, and the cooking class were all TOP Notch. Who would have thought that being pampered while at a fish-camp was even possible? This trip was hands-down the best fishing trip that I’ve ever been on. I will definitely recommend Doc’s to everyone I know and I’ll plan to come back. Since you asked for ONE thing that I liked best, it has to be the crew at the dock. Being able to just hand the boat over and not have to do all of the hard work to get it ready for the next day was truly pleasurable. We knew that everything would be ready when we were ready to go out again, we knew that our day’s catch was being treated respectfully and would be ready for us when we left. That crew is at the top of their game and will assist with anything you can think of. They were always there with only our well-being and comfort in mind. If any of them are looking to be adopted, please let me know, I’ll gladly take any of them because they are all GREAT People to be around and were truly respectful.” Darryl O.

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