06 26


Fishing Update – Week 3 (June 26 – July 2, 2016)

The weather this week started with sunny days. There was a run on sunscreen in the trading post by day 3. The rest of the week we had rain and sun mixed in. Winds were moderate and the boats spread out over most of the fishing grounds.

Monday the salmon came in and started jumping in the inlet. It was like a switch had been thrown and there were salmon to be had. Chums were deep at 100 to 150’. We had a good mix of pinks and silvers too. There were even a few kings mixed in to keep the lines singing. As the week continued we saw more and more salmon and more and more great catches.

Halibut were strong and in schools. We saw a couple of fish over 100 pounds. We had one boat hook into a monster that dragged two of their fishing lines, the anchor, and the boat up current for over a quarter of a mile before it broke off. That would have been quite the ride to be on. Otherwise the halibut remained plentiful.

It was a great week to spend some time with friends and family at the special place in paradise we call “Doc Warner’s”.

I hope to see you and yours “reel” soon,

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