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Fishing Update – Week 5 (July 10 – July 16, 2016)

Fish everywhere! The freezers got a work out this week. Guests fished long and hard and the fish catch showed it. We had several fish over 100 pounds and many that were close to it. Staff worked late and we were glad that we had added a new compressor unit to the big freezer.

There were many nice silvers taken this week. The fish in general are quite large this year. It appears that there was a lot of feed in the water over the winter. Both Salmon and Halibut are large in length and girth. Big fish makes for big smiles and full fish boxes.

Weather has been calm and nice. We had a few sprinkles but no serious rain. In fact, the forecast for this coming week starts in the 80’s but quickly drops back to the mid-60’s. The winds have been slight and boats have been everywhere chasing fish.

We are having a super season. I hope to see you all “reel” soon,

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