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Fishing Update – Week 6 (July 17 – July 23, 2016)

The weather has finally returned to normal…well, sort of. The first part of the week was warm and dry. It has been warm and dry most of the summer. In fact, if it was more like this all the time, the whole world would live up here. We had our first storm in months come in Friday. There wasn’t much wind but the rainfall forecast was for about 6 inches over four days. We are grateful for the storms because it helps to bring in more fish and keep the catching strong.

Salmon were everywhere early in the week. The fish continue to be bigger than normal which makes for big action and big fun. I think the biggest complaint from guests was that they were catching their limit too early in the day. Later in the week as the storm started to form the salmon slowed down, as is predictable, because of the weather change.

Fortunately, the halibut continue to impress. On Thursday and Friday most of the boats were limiting on halibut only a couple of miles from the dock. One could walk down on the beach and see over half the fleet just 4 or 5 minutes away.

We had 3 orcas come through on Thursday. They were teaching the young calf how to catch and dispose of sea lions. Unfortunately, our resident sea lion at the dock, George, was their latest prey. For over an hour they repeatedly attacked and gave us a show that rivaled most nature programs. George will be missed for his antics but we are likewise glad to see the orcas thinning out the sea lions.

It was an amazing week at Doc’s. We have enjoyed the best guests and best fishing one could hope for. I personally invite you to join us for your next Alaskan adventure. I hope to see you “reel” soon.


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