07 31


Fishing Update – Week 8 (July 31 – August 6, 2016)

200 pound halibut caught at Doc Warner's
Another super halibut week at Doc Warner’s. 214 pounder on Friday.

It was good way to end the week. Most of the halibut were on the good eating size this week, but we some come close to 100 pounds. Our new “almost 100# club” has become the hardest sought after pin. To get one, the fish must weigh 97, 98, or 99 pounds. We had one that was 96 and another 93 this week. Now they are telling me we need an “almost, almost 100# club”.

Salmon this week were difficult. The first few days yielded better than the latter half of the week. We are hopeful that the commercial closing this coming week will allow more fish to slip by into our waters.

On the weather front it was relatively calm and pleasant. We had a good mix of weather but not too much sun or rain. As we leave the dock this morning it is flat calm and some are wishing we could squeeze in one more day of fishing.

The story of the week has to be the aggressive Orcas. There is a large bull Orca who had been shadowing a female and calf. If boats get within 100 yards he charges and brushes the boat. It makes for some exciting moments and good photos. Also on the plus side it appears that these Orcas have a taste for sea lions.

All in all another fabulous week to spend in that little slice of heaven we call Doc Warner’s. See you “reel” soon,


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