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Fishing Update – Week 10 (August 14 – 20, 2016)

What a hard fought week. The weather is definitely moving into a fall pattern. Some days the boats are getting lots of fresh water from the sky and other days it is beautiful and flat. The temperature has lowered a few degrees and the mountain tops are starting to turn. Today as we head back the water is flat and the clouds low. We are watching the sights and wishing we could have one more day in the calm waters.

Salmon are still off. Indications are that they will pick up towards the end of August. It also appears to not be a statewide phenomenon. Those that spent the time fishing for salmon tended to catch nice silvers. We averaged between 30 and 70 silvers a day on the dock. By the end of the month we expect that to be well over 100.

Halibut continue to be found in good numbers. Guests spent a lot of time catching and searching for the flat fish. We had a couple go over 100 pounds but most were average. One interesting anecdote, on Monday, right after the last boat left the dock, one returned to offload their halibut at 9:30 in the morning because it didn’t fit in the fish well. It was a nice 140 pounder off of Russian Hump.

Three weeks to go for 2016 and bookings are very strong from the next two seasons. I hope you all are well and hope to see you “reel” soon at that special place we love called Doc’s.


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