09 04


Fishing Update – Week 13 (September 4 – September 10, 2016)

Last week of 2016 and what a week! The silvers remained anemic until Thursday, when they came in strong numbers. Boats limited and there were some really nice large fish in the mix. We continue to catch a lot of small ones. We think that 2017 is likely to be an outstanding year.

The halibut this week were spread out. Guests did well all over the fishing grounds. It would be hard to say if there was one particular place that did better than others. It is nice to see that the stocks have recovered so much that the fishing remains strong throughout the season.

The weather this week started out with lots of storms predicted. We didn’t actually see any storms until later in the week. Thursday and Friday saw lots of rain. Saturday as guests left skies were clear and the waters calm. It was the season’s last blessing of weather and beauty.

Thanks for a great week at Doc’s.


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