Life at Docs


Life at Doc’s

Upon arriving at Doc Warner’s, the first order of the evening will be to get familiar with the facilities and to settle in for your week-long adventure. Once rooms are assigned and belongings have been stowed away, you and your fellow guests will enjoy a home style meal, then you will go through orientation and be assembled into boat groups.

A delicious breakfast, prepared by Doc Warner’s galley crew, is served at 5:30 am. After a hearty, all-you-can-eat breakfast, you will gather your gear and lunch, (again prepared by DW’s galley crew) and head for the boats. After all, daylight’s burning and there’s fish to catch! Fish at your leisure and enjoy your lunch amid the splendid wonders of the Alaskan Wilderness.

You may fish until you catch your daily bag limits or until around 5:00pm at which time your stomach tells you it’s time for supper. While the fishing has been very good, your subconscious has been thinking about the succulent dinner that’s waiting for you. Will it be chicken, roast beef, or homemade stew tonight? Maybe it’s grilled halibut and salmon freshly caught from the cold clear waters of the inlet or maybe it’s some of Linda’s famous dutch oven cooking. Regardless, your mouth is watering and you know you won’t go away hungry.

While you steer your boat back to DW’s, you contemplate tonight’s activities. After delivering your fish to the dock crew for processing, you clean up. Then after eating dinner, which is served at 5:00pm, what is there to do? You can certainly go back out fishing. After all, you’re in the land of the midnight sun. Then again, perhaps a hike into the surrounding forest might be fun. There’s always beachcombing, photography, swapping stories, videos or whale watching. Then, there’s time to improve your fly fishing skills from the beach or shoot some hoops. But maybe, you just want to go and silently sit off shore in that interesting cove you discovered today. Either way, you’re back in camp by the evening roll call and know that everyone is safe and content. As the sun sets across the inlet you realize that the sky is not black like it is back home, the stars are as vivid as when you were a child and like then, caress you to sleep. As you sleepily crawl into your bed and begin to drift into your well deserved slumber, you realize you haven’t heard this magnitude of total absolute silence.