Self Guided


The Doc Warner’s Self-Guided Difference

At Doc Warner’s having a self-guided experience is something very special, something worth talking about. Here are some reasons why our guests love it so much:

  • Independence – You are in charge of your schedule. You decide when to go, where to go, how long to fish, and when to return. Independence allows you to maximize your Alaska fishing experience. Your trip can be broad and inclusive of all that Alaska and Doc Warner’s allow, or, it can be specific and focused on your unique interests.
  • Security – The Doc Warner’s staff is only as far away as you want them. Whether you need instructions, directions, assistance, bait, tackle or just a good suggestion, our safety boats are seldom out of sight. They’ll help you relocate to a more advantageous spot; help answer a ponderous question; or replace a lost or broken piece of tackle. Their focus is on your safety and happiness, and they provide that element of security that makes “self-guided” work for you.
  • Captain Customer – Within the placid, protected waters of the Icy Strait there is so much going on, so many things to do, sensations to feel and adventures to explore. Consequently, you need the flexibility to move at a moments notice. At Doc Warner’s you are the captain of your specially designed, safe, easy to manage boat. So, whether its going to watch a pod of humpback whales bubble-net a school of herring, or moving over to the latest “hot spot” for halibut or salmon, or switching from fishing to photography it is your choice as to “if” or “when” to move.
  • Information – A successful experience at Doc Warner’s is based on good information. Nightly debriefing sessions provide an opportunity for guests and staff to review the day’s action. It’s a time to learn where the best fishing was and why. It’s a great time to learn where the whales and eagles were playing. And, it’s an ideal time to get acquainted with those who share common interests. At Doc Warner’s we know that happy, successful guests are also well informed.
  • Memories – The fish you catch only last a short time, but the memories you create last a lifetime. At Doc Warner’s we’re expert at providing the best experiences and material for constructing your memory album. Actually, Mother Nature has done most of the work. We facilitate the experience.

Doc Warner’s is the most versatile Alaska fishing experience you can have. We say, versatile because “self-guided” reaches all aspects of your Doc Warner’s experience. You have the independence to set your our agenda, the security of knowing that you are never left without help and guidance, the opportunity to explore and discover some of the vast beauties and wonders of Alaska, the flexibility to adjust to every new piece of information you acquire, all to build a treasury of life’s sweetest memories.