Charles D


Charles D.

The day before we had spent hours driving the boat around and not as much time fishing as we should have. So we decided to get to the closest marker on the map as early and as quick as possible. After missing the anchor point twice at Russian Hump (5 minutes from the dock), we moved 2 more minutes to Stags. It was wide, flat, and easy to anchor up on.

After an hour of catching nothing but cod, Dad was getting frustrated and turned one into bait. Before he was even on the bottom, it was getting gnawed on. Seconds after hitting bottom, there was a HUGE tug. Half an hour’s worth of reeling and pulling and sweating and we had a 7 foot, 160 pound halibut in the boat. The best part, other than the fish of course, was that we only had an 8 minute ride back to unload and filet our prize!