Kasey N


Kasey N.

This year was my first year fishing for salmon and halibut. I set the goal to catch a bigger fish than all the guys; not thinking I would really do it.

Once the fish hit the hook, it immediately took off. I yelled for my dad and told him I had a big one and I was sure of it this time. After about 30 minutes and the fish running with the hook 3 times I finally got him to the top. My dad shark-hooked him but couldn’t pull him over on his own. We lost the shark hook hold once and had to pull it to the surfaces for a fourth time. Once we hooked it again, it took my dad, my sister, and myself to pull him on the boat. We took him right back to the dock and unloaded it to get pictures. It’s safe to say my fishing experience at Doc Warner’s was beyond anything I imagined. I caught tons of big salmon and my monster halibut. I would absolutely love to come back and fish here again.