Paul Weiss


Paul W.

Well on day four we were starting to get the hang of the fishing. The two of us never having fished salt water before. So we headed out to Mary’s Flat where we’d had luck before. Richard hooked a 73 pound halibut on the first day. When we got there nobody else was there and the water was like glass. We put in and sat back to wait. After about an hour I hooked my first, about 5 min in Richard hooked on. So now we didn’t know how we were going to get them in, just the two of us. Oh, by the way, mine was a 90 pounder – his was 73 pounds. We landed one more 90 pounder and 60 pounder to meet our limit. Together with this awesome day, plus what we caught the first three and tomorrow should make my wife very happy. She loves halibut! We have about 600 pounds of it so far.