Randy Clark


Randy C.

One of my favorite fishing stories just happened this last year. We were fishing for Haibut just off point of Dolphis. I hooked into what ended up being a 70lb haibut. As you know they are not easy to bring off the bottom. I hooked into him in about 250 feet of water. I worked hard to bring him up. My fishing buddy was ready to shark hook this monster when it surfaced. he had the rope tied off and was ready to go. The fish surfaced perfectly and as he made a move to shark hook this big boy the rope was not long enough and he missed the hook. The halibut went crazy and took off taking out, yes 250 ft of line. All I could do was hang on for the ride. Well after another fight with the fish, I finally got him to the top and we were successful in getting him in the boat. My arms were tired but I was so pumped I didn’t even notice it for the next hour. What a day of fishing.