Ryan Adams


Ryan A.

I have been to Doc Warner’s the past three summers and plan on going every year for as long as I can. I truly believe it is the most beautiful place on earth. The groups of men I go with have always filled my week with thrills and lots of laughs. They will be the first to tell you of my displeasure of Halibut fishing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of Halibut and want to catch the big one as bad as the next guy. But good fortune seems to be with everyone else on the boat but me. I seem to catch as many or more than each of them but I have yet to land the “big one”. However, this is not the case when it comes to salmon. Good fortune is on my side with these boys. I love the sound of a silver stripping line after a vicious hit. My favorite fishing experience has got to be the day my friends and I discovered a little cove that we will forever refer to as “Sabbath bay.” In a matter of a couple hours we filled our fishing well with huge silvers, pinks, and chums. “Doubles”, “Triples”, and even “Quads” were not uncommon. When a fish was landed it was a race to get him unhooked so the next fish could be netted. I will never forget the incredible joy of that day. The only thing that made that day better than the fishing was when we got back to Doc Warner’s. Not to show off our incredible catch, although that was nice, but to watch my brother fall off the side of the boat into the icy waters of the Excursion Inlet. Luckily he clung onto the side of the boat before he went all the way in, but the look on his face as his waders filled up with water was “PRICELESS.