Terry Wade


Terry W.

My father (age 92), my nephew (age 36) and myself (age 63) came to make memories! We have memories to last forever. We caught seventeen salmon and two large halibut – 60 lbs and 59 lbs. My dad hooked his halibu first so I reeled my line up 30 feet from the bottom thinking it was safe. Boy was I wrong! When I tried to film my dad catching his halibut, my pole started screaming at me so I grabbed it and we had a double – 59 lbs and 61 lbs – my nephew had to help land both. I marked my fish by splitting the tale because both fish were so close in size. When we got back they weighed them and the one with the split tale was 61 lbs and my dad’s was 59 lbs. But my dad kept saying the biggest was his. So this is one last hurrah!