Tim Bealessio


Tim B.

So after two days of average halibut fishing young Devin took my dad and I (after insisting) to Adolphus Point. He sets us up several hundred yards from shore at about 160 ft deep and assures us that the halibut were very hot there last week. So we dropped anchor and fish for an hour catching cod after cod! Literally, we pulled up roughly a dozen cod fish. Meanwhile, young Devin was anchored 100 or so yards away from us, in deeper water, pulling up halibut after halibut! Needless to say, we were frustrated and envious of the chase boat driver and I believe he may have sensed this, so he pulled anchor and took off. Well, I say to my dad, “Hey Pop, we need to move over to where young Devin was because if I pull up another cod fish, I’m going to flip my god-blessing lid!! He agrees and within a few minutes we were dropping our lines in the water. About 30 seconds after my line is set I get a HUGE hit! My line started running out like it committed a crime! I battled that fish for what seemed like half an hour (but was really 10-15 minutes) and. Although I was exhausted, brought up a 65 lb halibut. That may not seem like a lot to you veterans, but that is the biggest and best fish I have ever caught with my own strength and determination and I will brag about it and this week for the rest of my life!

p.s. The real point of my story is that if Devin is fishing, chase him away and steal his spot!!!