Tim Gercke


Tim G.

Fish Tale 1: The early morning mist dissolved before our eyes as the gentle raindrops formed patterns on the glassy sea. All around us salmon leaped. We set our trolling rigs to various depths as we trolled along the contours of the shoreline. The scent of fresh wet pine trees blended with the salty sea to create an intoxicating aroma.

Suddenly, there was a blast of breath as two whales surfaced and then dove less than 100 feet from our boat. Our gaze was broken by the shout, “Fish on”. One, two, three of the rods bent down with solid strikes. The fun had begun. Backs bent, arms pumped encouragement and excitement filled the boat. The net dipped and fish filled the boat deck. We were in fisherman heaven. And our day was just beginning. What a day was to follow at Doc Warners.

Fish Tale 2: When a halibut, a big halibut, takes your bait, there is no question whether there is a fish on your line. The rod bends all the way over! And then comes the big tugs and the battle begins.

The big halibuts are found in deep water (150 – 200 ft). And to pull up a fish the size of a piece of plywood takes all of the back and arm muscles one has. I watch my son’s face go from glee and excitement to grimaces of pain, flashes of fear and just the physical strain as he and the fish struggled. After 30 minutes the fish showed color in the emerald green water. My son reeled the fish close enough so that the landing hook could be slipped in the halibut’s gill. And then the three of us heaved the monster over the gun wall. The halibut tail slammed the boat deck hard as high fives went around the boat. My son let out a yell. Fishing for halibut at Doc Warners is a dream come true and not for the faint of heart.