08 04

Fishing Update – 2019 Week 8 (August 4 – 10, 2019)

Sunny days and calm water continue to be the normal this summer. The salmon have gone deeper and are subdued. We continue to catch larger than normal silvers. Although the run is medium, the quality of the fish is very high.

Halibut remain strong. The fish are spread out on the grounds and are moving constantly. Some days some spots are busy and the next they are not. The trick is knowing when to move.

We are still warm but we are now losing several minutes of daylight every day. With crystal clear skies at night, many have stayed up looking for northern lights or to catch some great milky way pictures. It has been a photographer’s dream lately.

We hope wherever you go this summer you have a fantastic adventure like we do at Doc’s every week.

The Doc Warner’s Crew

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