08 18

Fishing Update – 2019 Week 10 (August 18 – 24, 2019)

This was an amazing week for big halibut and salmon. Last week’s storm and cooler temperatures dramatically increased the amount of salmon caught. The silvers remain large and there were many good catches this week.

This must be the year of big halibut. This last week we handed out several big fish pins. Fishermen joined the “almost” 100# club, the 100# club, and the 150# club almost nightly.

We have definitely switched to our fall weather pattern now after a hot summer. The rains come in light drizzles during the day and harder at night. Likewise the temperatures have become cooler.

Only a few more weeks before the 2019 season wraps up. Thank you to those who have joined us this year. We hope to see you again soon and the rest of you as well.

The Doc Warner’s Crew

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