2015 Twenty Fifteen

Fishing Update – End of 2015 Season

The dock is out, boats are put away, and the lodge and cabins have been cleaned. As we fly out over Homeshore the trollers are still plying their trade and the weather has turned crisp over the dark waters below. As I look back on the season, I have many fond memories of the friends who came, the fishing stories, the wildlife shows, and being a small part in making so many Alaskan vacations come true. Thank you all for a spectacular year at Doc Warner’s.

As we cleaned up and put away things, it was like saying goodbye to the season. I am grateful to be a part of that special place we call Doc’s. As we officially close the season of 2015, we turn our sights and attention to next year’s improvements, fishing, and memories that are just waiting to be made.

In 2016, we will announce the addition of a new cabin named Fireweed, which sits on the east side of the beach. Fireweed gets its name after the stunning flowers that bloom out front. We were able to complete the purchase just two days before the end of the season. A few weeks earlier we acquired the accompanying green cabin cruiser, “Sea Urchin.” These two additions will provide some new opportunities for your next fishing adventure.

More improvements are on the way for 2016. Thank you again for a fantastic season at Doc Warner’s. Either at the shows this winter or at the lodge next year, on behalf of myself, Kristina, and the rest of the crew, we hope to see you “reel” soon.

I hope to see you all next year!

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