06 22


Fishing Update – Week 1 (Jun 22 – Jun 29, 2014)

The first group of the season came ready to fish and the fish were ready for them! After a slow start on Monday and part of Tuesday, due to weather, all of the boats were catching both salmon and halibut in good numbers. Early indications are that Halibut will be strong this year. We had several large fish this week as well as many smaller ones. The halibut also spread themselves out across the fishing grounds. On some days Mary’s was yielding and on other days one could only find them at the log dump. The diversity of locations kept our fleet moving to chase the fish. All in all it was a great halibut week.

The storm on Monday and Tuesday pushed large numbers of salmon into the area. Along with the occasional King, guests were limiting on Pinks and enjoying nice sized Silvers and Chums. The King limits are more liberal this year and the run is stronger than last year so we hope to see many more Kings over the next few weeks. The surprise of the week were the sizes of the early Silvers. The Silvers were much larger than normal for this time of year.

For those of you still sitting on the fence there are some great spots available and the fishing is hot!

Hope to see you soon,

-Mark Warner

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