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Fishing Update – Week 2 (Jul 7 – Jun 13, 2014)

It was a poor week to be a fish near Doc Warner’s! If you were a fish and survived the week you would probably have a sore jaw. This week our fishermen did very well; they took advantage of tides early in the week and landed many halibut. The fish accommodated these efforts and our staff were busy filleting into the night.

Early in the week we had some rain and storms. After the storms moved out, the salmon moved in with good numbers. One of the fun new ways we are catching Pinks and Silvers is using a zero drag flasher, with no weight, trolled about 120 feet behind the boat. With no weight, the flasher and hoochie are only about 6 inches under the water. When the salmon attack, they come flying out of the water and put on a fantastic display and fight.

If you will be joining us soon, we will try to save a few fish for you! Hopefully the rest of you will make it up soon too.

Happy fishing!

-Mark Warner

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