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Fishing Update – Week 3 (Jul 14 – Jul 20, 2014)

Halibut, salmon, and weather! We had it all this last week. Early in the week it was a little stormy and the tides were running pretty hard. This made areas prone to larger currents more difficult to fish. Our fishermen, however, were not deterred and did very well. By the end of the week we were enjoying calms seas, sunny skies, and great fishing.

When the tides are running high, the halibut fishing is usually difficult. This last group was able to get into large numbers of fish in protected areas. The fish box count going out this week reflects many successful days and happy memories on the water.

The salmon counts continue to build. After storms we see an influx of fish move in. The salmon also moved deeper on Friday; we were catching down at 50 feet on downriggers. In contrast, earlier in the week they were right on the surface. The zero drag flasher on the surface was a crowd pleaser when the fish were shallow.

As we leave the lodge this morning, I can see many tired and happy faces and many planning their next adventure at Doc Warner’s. Thank you all for another great week.

See you “reel” soon,

-Mark Warner

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