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Fishing Update – Week 5 (Jul 28 – Aug 3, 2014)

Half way through the season! This week had a variety of weather and fishing. The first few days the bilges were working to pump out all the fresh water that was falling into the boats. By the end of the week, bilges were dry and an abundance of sunscreen was being applied. As an extra bonus we had a couple of mornings of fog that appeared to blanket everything in soft cotton.

Fortunately the winds were calm most of the week and we were able to get to all of our favorite fishing grounds.

The storm on Monday and Tuesday brought larger numbers of silvers and chum and pushed more pinks into the area during the rest of the week. We had a nice king on Friday and a few others during the week. Salmon were found on the top in the morning and then later in the day down at 45 to 65 feet. On Friday, we had one boat fishing in deep water and do very well on salmon.

Halibut were plentiful. Guests were able to limit on halibut in an hour or so everyday. The larger fish were a bit elusive but we did see some nice ones on the dock.

All-in-all it was a great week for the middle of our season. We hope to see you all “reel” soon.

-Mark Warner

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