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Fishing Update – Week 6 (Aug 4 – Aug 9, 2014)

This was another great week to be fishing at Doc Warner’s. We enjoyed a nice mix of weather and wind. Most days were calm and our fishermen were everywhere. On Friday, when the winds picked up, those who went west to fish had a long ride home for dinner. Today as we leave on the catamaran it is raining lightly and should continue to rain throughout the weekend.

I gave away our first 18# silver pin this week! It was a pretty fish. The silvers remain large and are still moving through the area in small waves. On Wednesday we had one boat with 16 slivers onboard. The catch on other days was smaller, but the report from the outer coast tells us there are many more on their way in.

The real story this week was halibut. We have added two new fishing holes to our collection. Both Billy Bob’s and Granny’s were yielding large fish and plentiful catches. The nice thing about them is that Billy Bob’s is only about 90 feet deep and Granny’s is only about 50 feet. Other large fish came from South of the Gray Cabin. Nearly every night we had guests joining the 100# and 150# Doc Warner’s halibut clubs. Like I said, it was another great week.

Hope to see you “reel” soon,

-Mark Warner

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