08 17


Fishing Update – Week 8 (Aug 17 – Aug 23, 2014)

Silvers, Silvers, Silvers and Sun, Sun, Sun! This week was our biggest group of the season and also our biggest fish box count coming out on Saturday. The weather this week started cloudy and then turned sunny. As the days multiplied with sun, the salmon went deeper. Despite this, we were able to catch them on the surface in the morning and then lower as the day progressed.

Halibut fishing this week was better than last week because of the smaller tide swings. Large fish came from all over the fishing grounds. Several guests earned their 100# club pins this week as well.

Early in the week we had pinks sneak into the stream at the lodge as well as a black bear come through. The leaves are starting to turn on some of the foliage and despite the warm temperatures fall doesn’t seem too far away now. Thank you for another great week of fish, fun, memories, and new members to the Doc Warner’s Family.

See you “reel” soon,

-Mark Warner

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