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Fishing Update – Week 10 (Aug 31 – Sept 6, 2014)

Last Week of Fishing! This fish continued to support our guests. Monday and Tuesday we had multiple boats limit on Silvers. This time of year the silvers are adding about a pound a week to their size so some of them were monsters. Wednesday and Thursday were slower on Salmon and then on Friday they returned for one final good-bye.

The weather this week was cooler and very wet. Most days required raingear. A couple of days also had rougher water which made it take longer to get from one place to another. On those days the fish filleting required a rhythm of movement to glide the knife with the rocking of the dock. As a final good bye, the weather blew hard Friday night but was pleasant when the catamaran showed up for the transfer.

Halibut this week started off with one big bang and then was building. One of the boats on Monday brought in a large halibut. The rest of the week it was hard to pull off of salmon fishing. By Thursday and Friday the pressure to bring home halibut took over and people hunted for the flat fish.

On Saturday, as the Catamaran was leaving, there were lots of happy guests and full fish boxes headed home.

-Mark Warner

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