2017 Twenty Seventeen

Fishing Update – 2017 Week 1 (June 18 – June 24, 2017)

The fishermen have arrived and so have the fish! This was a fantastic start to the 2017 season. The weather has included both liquid and dry sunshine this week. When it is dry the staff are in shorts and the temps rise to the mid-60’s; when it is wet, not so much.

Halibut this week were building. About midweek we started seeing some nice fish.

Likewise, the salmon put on a good show. On Sunday’s transfer there were many jumping and large schools moving in. We had all but Silvers caught this week. With only using artificial bait, we also saw a few sockeye on the dock.

As you know, we have been breaking in boats and motors this season. Natalie, in the kitchen came up with a unique way to do that. Take a look at her handiwork as she broke in the last boat. The GPS track says it all.

I hope to see you all “reel” soon!


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