History of Doc’s – Bruce Johnson

Over the next year we are going to highlight the history of Doc Warner’s Alaska Adventures. It will range from topics like choosing a location to specific people who have influenced life at the lodge. The first such individual is Bruce Johnson.

Bruce Johnson

It has been my good fortune to find personal heroes among those who have worked at Doc Warner’s. Bruce Johnson is one of them. Bruce is originally from southern Idaho, but received his culinary education in France. After finishing school, while looking for a new and different experience, he was referred to us and joined the lodge for several seasons with his wife and two children in tow.

Bruce brought something to the lodge we didn’t know we were missing: knowledge of how to operate a restaurant. Though Linda is an excellent cook and the food was wonderful, no one understood how to run a kitchen. Bruce did! He transformed how we did business and expertly adjusted our operations, allowing us to accommodate for a doubling guest list (400 to 800 each season in just three years). Bruce also started a cooking class offered on Friday nights – a real favorite among our guests.

In addition to his culinary expertise, Bruce has a depth of character that goes far beyond the kitchen. During his tenure with us, he frequently offered a helping hand to assist on projects around the lodge. After working a long day in the kitchen, Bruce would change hats, pick up a paint sprayer and get to work.

After working with us, Bruce moved on to other employment where he taught culinary arts at a school in the Salt Lake Valley. Every time we needed new kitchen help, we called Bruce for recommendations. Thanks to his know-how and dedication, we have always had excellent chefs working at the lodge, almost every one a referral from our trusted and revered friend.