Life At the Lodge

We want the Lodge to become part of your excursion, so we’ve worked hard to create an atmosphere conducive to socializing and relaxing – two things you will want to do after a long day fishing.

Doc Warner Main Lodge Outside


Meal time is a perfect time to unwind. Guests are served through a serving line at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It’s a communal feel and all guests bus their own dishes. At the Lodge we serve home style food: roast beef, chicken, lasagna, enchiladas, etc. We put up a salad bar every day to accompany your main dish. We also provide a desert table every night with fresh pies, cake, and cookies. Every Friday night is “Steak Night” and every Sunday night we cook up a delicious pot roast. A few nights a week, we treat our guests to soft serve ice cream. Let’s just say you won’t go hungry. Even after dinner, when you get late-night cravings, visit our 9 o’clock snack bar. You’ll find things like nachos, popcorn, or desserts left over from dinner.

***Note that we will accommodate for any dietary restrictions, just let us know early on, so we can be prepared.

You may have noticed that there is no fish on the menu. We aren’t allowed to catch fish and serve it to our guests. However, if you want to cook your own fish, you are more than welcome to. We have an outside cooking area available for use. Cooking utensils and ingredients available upon request.

The one exception to this rule is the cooking class we host every Friday night. Our chef prepares 3-4 halibut and salmon recipes to sample. His presentation lasts anywhere from 30-90 minutes. During that time, our chef will cover a number of different recipes and give you a recipe handout in addition to teaching you some cooking tips and tricks. Of course, you can find additional recipes on our blog.

Main Lodge

Doc Warner Main Lodge Area

On the main floor, you’ll find the dining area, first aid station, and trading post.

Dining Area

In addition to meal time, our dining area hosts many other events such as large group meetings, Sunday night orientation, Thursday night move night, and nightly fish chats Monday-Wednesday. This is also where you will find computers available for checking email (Warning: the internet is slow, patience required). We’ve set up a foosball table, puzzles, a large screen TV for watching moves and a few other things to keep you entertained if you want to spend some time off the ocean.

Trading Post

The trading post is an excellent resource for all guests. You can find anything from gifts and souvenirs to more practical items such as sweatshirts, additional clothing, raingear, and fishing tackle. Though we provide all the terminal tackle for free, artificial tackle (which greatly improves catch rate) is available by purchase. We do not hike up the prices and we only stock the things that work in our area. The purchase process is easy: at the trading post, everyone sets up a tab that is settled at the end of the week.

***Note: Should you wish to tip our staff, you may do so by adding it your tab before you leave. We prefer that you do not tip our staff individually. No specific amount is suggested, just remember that your tip is going to about 20 staff members.

Communications at the Lodge

We suggest you bring your cellphone; service from all providers works. Out on the water you will use your phone to communicate with the lodge and the chase boats. Though texting works extremely well on the water, voice calling is patchy. Data is relatively poor in the area, so it will be difficult to browse the internet while at the lodge. To be honest, we think your stay at Doc Warner’s is a great way to get unplugged.

Laundry Facilities

Doc Warner Laundry Facilities

We have coin operated laundry machines at the lodge which allows you to pack light – you may only need a carry on! Get by with just a few changes of clothes by washing them half-way through the week. Soap and detergent and available in the trading post. Because you will inevitably get wet, we’ve created a drying room where you can hang your damp clothing. Your clothes will be dry within an hour.

As you can see, we care about your stay with us. Here, you’re family! We hope you’ll leave our lodge with a new group of “fishing buddies” with whom you made memories on and off the water.