Travel Tips

Travel between Doc Warner’s and Your Home

Getting to Juneau, Alaska

You are responsible for making your own commercial travel arrangements between your home and Juneau.

Juneau Arrival: No later than Sunday at 2:30 pm.

Juneau Departure: No earlier than Saturday at 1:00 pm.

Please be sure to schedule your commercial flight reservations following the guidelines above. The transfers to the lodge cannot wait and will leave on schedule.

Once the flights become available, book early as they fill up quickly. The two commercial carriers that go to Juneau are Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines. When booking your tickets, take into account baggage fees. Your fish will be taken home with you as checked luggage.

Getting to Doc Warner’s Lodge

Doc Warner’s arranges transportation for our guests between the Juneau airport and the lodge. Generally, this will be by bus and catamaran.

We meet in the conference room at the Extended Stay America Motel. It is about 100 yards from the airport. You can arrive there any time after noon. See Map

The bus travels a 15-minute ride to Auke Bay where you will board a 78′ catamaran. The spacious catamaran has two levels with enclosed areas and an observation deck. You can meet new friends and watch for whales and other wildlife during the 2-hour cruise.

Getting back to Juneau

Saturday morning, after a hot breakfast, the catamaran will depart our dock and return to Juneau. A bus will then return you to the airport about 11:00am.

When booking your flight from Juneau to your home, do not book any flights earlier than 1:00pm.

Allow at least 2 hours for check-in as the airport is very busy with many fishermen and their fish boxes, which take longer to check in.

If you are not scheduled to leave right away, please check with us for recommendations on freezers for storing your fish.

Hotels in Juneau

If your travel plans include a hotel stay, please call the hotel directly or your travel agent. Check to make sure the hotel has a shuttle and a freezer if needed.

Other Activities

Consider arriving a couple of days early to explore the Juneau area. Doc Warner’s can suggest a few places to add something extra to an already incredible experience. If you plan side trips, we recommend you do so before coming to Doc Warner’s so you don’t have to worry about keeping your fish frozen. We can recommend an experienced travel agent to book them for you.

While in Alaska, take time to watch whales, view wildlife, hike the nearby trails and enjoy some beach combing. Don’t forget your camera. This is a photographer’s paradise!

Miscellaneous Travel Information

Cell Phones

The best way to communicate between your home and the lodge is via your own cell phone. AT&T and Verizon work in most areas. Cell service and data services are intermittent because of our remote location. Texting is the best way to communicate between you, your loved ones, and the lodge. Texts can be delayed by a few minutes and pictures by an hour or more.


The lodge does not have WIFI. Your personal cell phone data plan is your connection to the outside world. Plan to unplug and relax while you are here.

Emergency Contact Methods

If your loved ones are unable to connect with you via your cell phones, have them try one of the methods below:

Utah Office: 801-298-8060 (no texting, land line)
Mark’s Cell: 907-723-6000 (not always reliable service)
Kristina’s Cell: 907-723-8772 (not always reliable service)
Mark’s email:

Shipping Fish Home

There is only one way to get your fish home and that is to take it as checked luggage. The fish boxes we provide can hold about 50 pounds and are 1″ Styrofoam lined with a cardboard wrapper. Your fish will stay frozen for about 24 hours. However, we recommend storing it in a freezer if you have an overnight layover. The fish box dimensions are 27x14x14.