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Important Updates

Baggage Fee Change: Alaska Airlines has changed their baggage fees. Beginning with tickets purchased after June 30, 2023 the prices are as follows: 1st-$30, 2nd-$40, 3rd and following bags-$150. The first and second bag fees haven’t changed ($30 & $40). If you won’t want to pay the additional baggage fees, once you have caught enough fish, consider catch and release. A 50# box contains approximately 160 5-ounce servings of fish. Delta Airlines bag prices are: 1st-$30, 2nd-$40, 3rd-$150, 4th-10th- $200.

Cell Phone Coverage: AT&T is the only provider of cell service at the lodge. There is NO cell service for any other provider, not even roaming. Radios are available to check out at no charge, that will enable you to talk to another boat who also checked out a radio. Radios will not enable you to talk to the lodge, as we do not monitor the radios. Cell phone is the only way to communicate with the lodge or with people at home. We suggest one member of your group purchase a burner phone with AT&T for the duration of your trip so you are able to communicate with the lodge and with people at home.

The lodge is buttoned up for a long fall and winter’s sleep.  As we waited for the float plane to come and take us away, the sun peaked out and the winds calmed.  It gave us chance to contemplate the successful season and plan for our return next year.  Thank you everyone for a superb year at Doc’s.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Looking forward, we expect to finish many of the projects that were started this year.  The new boiler systems on two of the buildings are high on the list as well as the completion of the kitchen annex and guest laundry expansion.  The three new cabin cruisers that came online towards the end of the season will also make a big splash in 2024.  We will keep you posted on other happenings as we solidify plans.
We hope to see many of you at the shows this winter.  Drop us a line anytime to plan your next adventure to that special place we call Doc’s.
See you “reel” soon,
Doc’s 2023 Crew

Week 12- Final Week

The final week of the season has concluded with a great silver salmon catch. Friday was exceptionally good and left many happy anglers wanting more days in the week. The halibut fishing has remained constant all summer with plenty of nice white meat for guests to take home and enjoy over the winter months.

The morning temperatures have a definite “nip” indicating the fall is here and winter is close behind. The leaves on the plants along the tree-line are turning yellow—another sign it’s time to head for southern climes.

The next few days the staff will winterize the facility.   The lodge will then sleep and dream about the fish our guests will catch next year.  Until then, may your winds be fair, your lines tight, and we will see you again “reel” soon back at Doc’s.   

Take care,  Doc’s Crew

Week 11 - Fish are jumping..

Aug 27, 2023

Salmon fishing was great all week. Silver salmon dominated the catch. Pink salmon were still plentiful but some were beginning to lose their bright shiny color as they change into spawning colors. We were surprised at the number of Chum salmon still being caught.

Halibut fishing was still good with smaller fish dominating the harvested fish size.  We are always amazed at the number of boxes continuing frozen fish that our guests take home each week.
Summer is holding on.  The daytime temperatures have cooled and leaves are wilting and falling as the season begins to change. We expect to have fishable weather until the last guest leaves next week.  It is hard to fathom that the season is wrapping up.  There are so many fish jumping today that it feels like good fishing could continue for another month.
Thank you everyone for another great week at Doc’s  ~ Doc’s Crew

Week 10- Silver season

Aug 20, 2023

Silver season … need we say more.  Fish are jumping and putting on a good show.  The large pink run continues and we are still also seeing bright specimens.  The salmon fishing is mainly strong in the morning, slows midday, and then picks up again about the time to come back for dinner.  

Halibut fishing for larger fish has slowed noticeably.  We still had a few over 100#s but there are a tremendous number of small fish in the area now.  Persistence was the key to filling a box with halibut.

The weather has cooled a little and the daylight hours are diminishing.  The first few days of the week had moderate winds.  The last two days of the week had smaller tides and light winds.  As we left port this morning there were low-hanging clouds with the sun trying to break free after a cool night’s rain.  Perfect weather for fishing.

We took delivery of our third new cabin cruiser this week as well.  They will be available for rental starting this coming week.  Reach out to Lynda if you are interested in an upgraded experience.   ~Doc’s Crew

Week 9 - More silvers and amazing fishing

Aug 13, 2023 

The salmon fishing this last week continued to be amazing.  We are catching more silvers now and some of the fish are much larger than earlier in the season. Guests were happy when their reels sung as line was stripping off.  Some pinks entered the stream by the lodge this week and we look forward to their offspring returning in a few years.

The number of halibut harvested increased this week. Lots of smaller fish now but still plenty of good-sized fish coming to the dock.   Monday and Wednesday were stormy this week and the winds slowed the catch on Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday were fair winds, and the guests did a good job of filling their fish boxes.  

This past week we added a new yellow cabin cruiser to our fleet.  We now have multiple cabin cruisers and will be adding another next week. These boats are available for you to rent on your next visit.  Talk to Lynda, in the office, to reserve one for your next trip.

It has been another great week at Doc’s.   ~Doc’s Crew 

Week 8- Salmon Lover's Dream

Aug 6, 2023 

The weather temperature has cooled, and the clear skies replaced by clouds containing rain showers. The summer flowers are blooming and the Fireweed blossoms are steadily climbing their stocks. It’s a wonderful and beautiful time to be in Alaska at Doc Warner’s.

Salmon fishing continues to yield great results. The run of Pink Salmon continues at near-record levels and more very active Silver Salmon are attacking our guests’ lures. This summer continues to be a Salmon lover’s dream. We had some boats taking daily limits for both Pinks and Silvers.

The halibut harvest has taken a definite shift from larger to small fish. While the halibut are still plentiful, the average size of the fish being caught has reduced considerably. Most halibut taken this week were less than 40 inches.

The peace and tranquility of being at Doc Warner’s continues. Can you feel it beckoning to you? All the parts are here, the only thing missing is YOU.

Doc’s Crew

Week 7- Light winds and Smooth Seas

July 30, 2023 

From a weather perspective, the water and weather were ideal for fishing. Light winds and smooth seas. There were a few light rain showers, but the air temperatures and humidity resulted in several days with some morning fog. The fog made travel slow and limited where the guests fished.

The Pink Salmon run that we are enjoying is about three times larger than the forecast. This year’s run in southeast Alaska will probably be ranked among the 10th largest since Alaska became a state in 1959. Late in the week, the Pinks began schooling around the dock.
Silver salmon continue to increase in the catch but their numbers are still not strong. The ones we do catch are large and beautiful fish.
The daily numbers of halibut caught remained consistent with previous weeks but there was a significant reduction in the average size of the halibut being harvested. There were fewer large fish (over 40 pounds) brought in by guests but part of the reduction probably was the result of the largest tides of the year. The big tides can make fishing for halibut more challenging.
This summer continues to be filled with great dreams of successful fishing with family and friends in Alaska at Doc Warners.  When is your next trip to join us?
Doc’s Crew

Week 5 - First of new boats

July 23  :   It is turning into a good salmon year.  Salmon are jumping everywhere. They are all over the fishing grounds. The pink salmon are plentiful and the silver salmon are building. 

Halibut continue to be plentiful.  The number of newly minted 100# club members grows each week.  There were many fish boxes leaving this week as a testament to the bounty of fish at Doc’s.  

Shhhh…it is coming.  We received the first of three new boats on Friday this week. They will be added to our rental fleet once we get them broken in and rigged for fishing.   We will have pricing soon, so call Lynda to book.   Pro Tip for a better fishing experience: Bring a small first aid kit that includes waterproof bandaids and antibiotic gel.  A good sunblock, chapstick, and disposable nitrile gloves are also good ideas.   Until then, Doc’s crew.  

Week 4 - Fishing Continues to impress

9 July, 2023

Fishing continues to impress, especially Pink Salmon. Over the past 4 weeks, the average weekly harvest of these tasty fish has risen from 6.4 fish per boat to 16.2, then 27, and this week it increased to 40.6 kept per boat. This equated to plenty of action for those fishing for Pinks. Chum Salmon, which was the best season we have ever experienced for this species, has past their peak and the catch has dropped from 13 fish per boat in the beginning to 3.2 fish this past week. Not many Silver Salmon yet.

Halibut catch has been quite constant in the 15 to 16 fish kept per boat per week for all four weeks.  However, the number of larger fish continues to increase.  Every day this week we had fish over 100 pounds.  Several over 150 pounds!    

The weather has been accommodating with light winds and warm sunshine. Tides this past week were small and ideal for halibut fishing. As we left the lodge each morning, the Fairweather Mountains were lit up in morning light and the seas were calm. 
The weather is much more accommodating than the hot temperatures we read about down south.  Come join us in the near future.

Week 3 - Sunny Skies for the 4th of July


2 July, 2023

Sunny skies, Fourth of July, and, with the sun, afternoon winds.  The good news is, the number of fish being harvested continues to increase each week.  The weekly catch of halibut remains good with an average of 15 halibut per week being retained by each boat.  We had at least 8 people join the 100-pound club, and many other nice halibut were seen on the dock.

The salmon runs are in full swing. The numbers of chum being caught continues to decrease as we come to the end of the migration.  We have begun to see some silvers, but they are not coming in large numbers – yet.  The pink salmon harvest has quadrupled over the last 3 weeks.  This week, the average harvest per boat was 27 fish – and they are big and bright!  The pelagic rock fishing remains strong for those who pursue them.

Another spectacular fishing season at Doc’s is well underway!  We hope to see you there soon.

Off to a Good start - week 2

25 Jun 23
Our fishermen are off to a good start this season. Pinks, chums, silvers and kings all crossed the dock this week. Finding where the fish are doesn’t seem to be a problem and you can see them jumping everywhere. It is exciting.
Halibut are also plentiful. All sizes of fish were caught and guests were able to fill fish boxes and take home some spectacular photos with their catch. Halibut seems to be found all across the fishing grounds which means there are plenty of fish in plenty of places to keep everyone happy.
The rockfish research group returned this week. They are helping us locate new areas for rock fish and larger varieties.  The Pro Shop stocks a variety of rockfish lures recommended by the research group. Come give rockfish a try.
The fish are biting and the place to be is at Doc’s.  See you “reel” soon.
Doc’s Crew

First week of the Season

18 June 23

The 2023 season has opened up with a bang or rather wind.  The first two days of the week were dry but windy.  As the week continued, the wind died down to a light breeze and the sun came out.  Those that wore sunglasses and no sunscreen looked a little like mischievous raccoons by the end of the week.

Fishing picked up during the week. The surprise is in the number of chum salmon we are seeing. They are plentiful.  We have also seen a few pink and sockeye, and a couple of kings.  The biggest king was over 32 inches.

The halibut are on the move and seem to be somewhere different each day. Every guest caught halibut with a few in the 100 pound range. We had several children and youth who earned their “Bigger Than Me” pin by catching a fish longer or heavier than them. It made for lots of smiles. All things considered,  it was a great week to spend at Doc’s!   We can’t wait to see you next time.  

Doc’s crew

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