Kim S


Kim S.

My Dad (Jack), Daughter (Kimmy), and I were fishing at No Man’s Land one afternoon trying to catch halibut. Kimmy got a nice halibut on and a sea lion showed up to help out. He saw that Kimmy had a fish on the line and he dove to the bottom. He was under a long time. Kimmy’s line went loose and she said that she had lost the fish when all of a sudden her line went tight and the sea lion surfaced.

Kimmy yelled, “What do I do?” The sea lion had her fish in his mouth and was leaving to join all his buddies. Kimmy handed the pole to me and I began a long hard fight with the beast for the fish. We went back and forth for a long time and I had the halibut about 20 feet from the boat. I was thinking that I was about to win the prized halibut when the sea lion gave one last pull and pulled the fish off the hook and off he went.

We watched him and three other sea lions playing catch with the fish and eating it as they went. About an hour later, he showed back up and swam around our boat and did a victory dance. There will be another time sea lion and another fight!