Fishing Regulations in Alaska

Boating Regulations

Doc Warner’s will discuss boating regulations during orientation sessions at the lodge. However, it is your responsibility to be well informed and compliant with all fishing regulations in Alaska. Furthermore, Doc Warner’s staff is not licensed to transport guests via boat. All such requests will be denied.

Fishing Regulations in Alaska

Doc Warner’s abides by all state and federal regulations and expects our guests to abide by them too. Regulation booklets are available at the lodge. Before heading out for your first day of fishing, check with the staff to make certain you know and understand the fishing regulations in Alaska and federal regulations in effect. It is the angler’s responsibility to be informed.

Current Salmon regulations can be found on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website. Halibut are governed by NOAA and corresponding regulations can be found on their website. We are unguided in area 2C.

Drugs Regulations

We do not permit the use of any drugs, including the use of marijuana, on our premises, boats, or equipment.

Bag Limits

The bag limit information below is an example of historical regulations and should not be relied on as current.

King Salmon Updated by Emergency Order usually by April 15th and changes are common during the season. Generally 1–2 fish per day with an annual limit of 3–6 fish. Minimum size is 28”.

Silver/Coho Salmon 6 per day, 16″ or longer

Red/Sockeye Salmon 6 per day, 16″ or longer

Chum/Dog Salmon 6 per day, 16″ or longer

Pink/Humpy Salmon 6 per day, 16″ or longer

Dolly Varden 10 per day

Halibut 2 per day, no size restriction

Palegic Rockfish (Sea Bass) 5 per day, 3 main varieties

Pacific Cod No limit

Pollock No limit

Dungeness Crab 3 males per day, 6.5″ minimum. See Southeast Alaska Shellfish Regulations for details.

On average, our guests take home 65–75 pounds of fillets. This translates to almost 200 pounds of live fish kept per guest.