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Doc Warner’s arranges transportation for our guests between Juneau and the lodge. Most of the time we use a chartered catamaran.  

You are in for an excitement-building journey ideal for capping off the anticipation that has been building for months. When you arrive, we’ll have a hot dinner waiting for you as you relax in the dining hall and feel the assurance of firm footing beneath your feet.


The catamaran ride is a comfortable journey through a small portion of the Inside Passage, between the islands and around the mountains that make Southeast Alaska such a pictorial paradise. The nearly 2-hour journey may make stops to observe playful humpback whales as they do full-body breaching or gather together to gorge on herring in the unique feeding frenzy called “bubble-net feeding.” Regardless of what is going on, the journey to the lodge builds on the excitement of being in Alaska and preparing for a great fishing adventure.