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Doc’s fleet of 20′ Alaska fishing boats has been designed for our area and with comfort in mind. Stabi-Craft designs these boats just for Doc Warner’s and they are designed specifically for the ocean and safety. They have sealed air chambers for floatation, a lower engine mount, and higher and wider gunnels than most Alaska fishing boats. Our water is very calm, but should a storm arise, these boats can handle it.

Fishing Equipment

We want you to have success fishing for whichever species of fish you target. Tackle boxes, dip nets, shark hooks, fish bats, pliers, weights, mooching rigs for Salmon, Halibut setups, poles, reels, line, bait, and a bait knife are some of the fishing equipment we provide.


Each Alaska fishing boat is equipped with 2 downriggers. These are Scotty downriggers and come with everything needed for trolling.

Coast Guard Equipment

All Alaska fishing boats come equipped with required Coast Guard equipment such as life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers, etc.

Private band UHF Radios

Private band UHF radios are also installed on each boat. This allows you to talk among other Doc Warner’s boats.

GPS/Fish Finders

GPS/Fish Finders are located on every boat. If you’d like to bring your own, let us know and we can load the waypoints on it for you.