Kathy’s Fish Tale

On Tuesday, the 28th of June, Robert and I had been trolling by the slides while staying at Doc Warners. We had been successful at trolling for salmon in this area and already had caught 12 good sized salmon when all of the sudden my pole hit hard, fast, and unlike anything I had ever seen during any other fishing trip, anywhere in Utah’s surrounding reservoirs or lakes. Robert said, “Reel” as I had already started to.


I kept reeling as fast as I could, keeping it steady and the fish kept running with my line. I’d reel 75 feet in and the fish would take it another 198 feet out. That happened at least three times. When it got close, Robert had the net ready. By then the fish had worn itself out taking my arms and back with it. We scooped it out of the water and simultaneously said, “That’s a king!” (40″ long and 17 lbs.) Good thing I have a good husband who bought a king stamp. He is aware now, once again don’t ever doubt his wives good luck. And his lucky number is 13!

By the way, I’m still waiting for the double or nothing $10,000 ring he still owes me for winning two jackpots right in a row in Wendover years ago. We did shake on it. LOL

-This fish tale comes from a guest, Kathy S., during the second week (June 28 – July 4) of the 2015 season. Do you have a fish tale to share? Click here.