What are Alaska Fishing Lodges Like?


The Alaskan wilderness is beautiful. It’s known as the “Last Frontier” for many reasons, one of which is that the best fishing in the US can be found here. Your Alaskan fishing lodge will serve as your home base throughout your vacation so we would like to give you a quick description of what a lodge will look like, what purpose it serves, and what amenities it should have.

Fishing lodges can vary wildly from simple cabins to full-fledged resort facilities. This makes the general makeup of an average Alaska fishing lodge something difficult to determine on the whole, but there’s three main things that make a lodge what it is, and we’ll go through each one with you.

Alaska Fishing Lodge Locations

First and foremost the location of the lodge can make or break your trip. If you’re looking to get away from civilization, then take that into consideration. Here at Doc Warner’s we’re far enough away to help you disconnect, yet close enough to have access to health services if needed.

Whichever the case for any specific one, all Alaska fish lodges share something in common: beautiful vistas. The 49th state has natural beauty in abundance, and you can go to lodges that take you near glaciers, snow-capped mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls or all of them. Whenever and wherever you’re fishing in Alaska, be prepared to feel goosebumps with all the beauty around you.

Accomodations in The Last Frontier

You can count on comfort and safety while going to most Alaska fishing lodges. There are various options for accommodations in a fishing lodge, from shared dorms to small cabins, to luxurious rooms. As they are, most lodges have much more than just the basic amenities for you. You can stay in separate private cabins within a lodge’s grounds, or a spacious dormitory with common areas.

Not only will you be able to keep warm and keep clean with comfortable living quarters, there’s also much more that has to do with the task of fishing itself. For Alaska fishing lodges that pride themselves on their name, as ours does, you’ve got meeting spaces, gardens, a fire pit, and dining facilities to sit down together and share stories. And speaking of sharing stories…

Meeting Amazing People

Most of what makes an Alaska fishing lodge is the people who work and stay there. These people love two things: Alaska itself, and fishing in Alaska. Having these two things in common means you’ll be in the perfect place to share your passion for angling and having a great time with people who appreciate a good catch. There’s always good conversation to be had at a fishing lodge, and there’s always something to learn while spending some time with fellow anglers.

If you enjoy fishing in Alaska and are looking for a lodge to have a great fishing experience, you’re more than welcome in our Alaska fishing community at Doc Warner’s Alaska Adventures! Visit our website and check our availability!

The Drying Room

In the early years at the lodge, we had a 14-kilowatt generator to provide our electricity. The generator was housed in a small room off the original boathouse. The radiator fan faced outside toward the trees. Several times during the summer, I noticed our staff placing their wet boots and clothing items on a ledge in front of the radiator fan. On occasion, I asked the staff how effective the warm generator air was at drying their clothes. They consistently replied that the drying process was a little slow, but it worked. Read more The Drying Room

The Boat Ladder

During our early camping years, before we had a boat dock, we had a twice-daily ritual of launching boats for fishing in the morning and retrieving them from the water at nightfall. The big tide differentials meant that if we had to move the boats during high tide, the boats only had to be moved a short distance. But, if it was closer to low tide, then it would be a long haul. Adding to this challenge was the weight of the boats with accompanying motors, fuel and supplies. The weight could exceed 1000 pounds per boat! Read more The Boat Ladder

The Geo-Dome and the Sequence of Problems

In the mid 1990’s, just before we bought land and began building the lodge, we camped in Excursion Inlet, a short distance from our current location. The owners of the property were personal friends. The Gordon’s had purchased an aluminum geodesic dome and placed it on the property. The dome was in a secure area and seemed to have repellant properties to some of the big game in the area. We didn’t see a single bear while camping using the dome (nor did we see any elephants, woolly mammoths, or mastodons, so you can see how effective at repelling it was!) Read more The Geo-Dome and the Sequence of Problems

The First Fishing Trip

Sometime during 1981, an Explorer Scout leader, Richard, phoned me* from Utah.  He wanted to bring his scouts on an Alaska high adventure fishing camp-out. At the time, I was working for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  I told Richard that if he would bring the boys to Juneau, I would help arrange for the necessary equipment and suggest a place they could fish from shore, since neither they nor we had boats.

Read more The First Fishing Trip