Licenses and Permits

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse

The salt water fishing areas near Doc Warner’s lodge have always been very productive.  At the end of the fishing week, our guests are often surprised at the amount of fish they have caught.  As a policy, we provide two fish boxes – free of charge- to each guest to take their frozen fish home as checked baggage.  On occasion, the changing airline rules have complicated this for the travelers, but nonetheless, we have maintained our free two boxes per guest for many years without any significant disturbance (much to the liking of our guests!) …

Alaska Fishing License: What Permits Do I Need to Fish in Alaska?

You’re ready for your fishing trip, and you’re suddenly wondering “do I need a fishing license in Alaska?

When visiting Doc Warner’s Fishing Lodge, there are a few things you should understand about fishing licenses. Due to Alaska’s popularity as a fishing destination, the state puts necessary regulations on permits and licenses that pertain to both residents and non-residents