Ken and Barb’s Fish Tale

This is our second visit to Doc Warner’s. The first time was in 2013. We couldn’t wait to come back. We had a wonderful time.


In 2013, Ken was lucky enough to catch a 100 lb. halibut. When we planned this trip, I reminded him that a 100 lb. halibut is a “once in a lifetime” occurrence. So please don’t be disappointed if you don’t get one this time. He said he didn’t care about the size, he just wanted to catch halibut. Our first night here this year we caught no halibut and Ken was all bummed out.

The second day we limited out (4 total halibut). The third day – no halibut. Now he’s really despondent. On Thursday, Doc told everyone he would show us a location where the halibut should be good fishing. Several boats followed Doc to this location. We were one of the boats. We anchored and dropped our lines. Within about 20 minutes I had a bite and Ken had a bite at the same time. He said, “Let me get this little one in and I’ll help with yours”. By that time I had been reeling in my fish for 5 minutes and I couldn’t take anymore. I asked Ken to please take over.

When he took the rod he said, “It’s a big one”! We worked on it for about 20 more minutes. Finally, it came to the surface. He asked me to get the hook and to bring in the fish. I did, but my arms were too short to reach down to meet the fish. So I took the rod and Ken hooked the halibut. First, he tried to pull it into the boat, but couldn’t. So we both pulled and pulled and pulled some more. Finally, it plopped into the boat on top of me and Ken, knocking us to the floor. But only for an instant. Ken was up with the bat beating the daylights out of the halibut.

We made our way back to the dock with our prized halibut to find out how much it weighed. It turned out to be over 100 lbs. I told Ken, “I guess catching a 100 lb. halibut is a ‘twice in lifetime’ occurence”.

-This fish tale comes from guest, Rich D., during the fourth week (July 12 – 18) of the 2015 season. Do you have a fish tale to share? Click here.