Larry and Cora’s Fish Tale

The One That Got Away

Our first day, we trolling out by the Log Dump when the line snapped out of the down rigger with the pole bending so far we could tell it was “the big one”.


I removed the pole from the holder and handed it to Larry to reel it in. What a fighter. I was sure we were catching “Big Mo” or his bigger brother. Every time the fish got near enough to see the boat it bolted, taking line time after time. I kept hearing Mark saying “Don’t adjust the drag or you’ll lose the fish!” Finally…the fish got close enough to the boat that we could see that it was a pretty good size. I had the net in the water ready to land him, and the fish jumped over the down rigger, snapping the line taking all of our gear with it. Bummer!

After we got home, Larry was talking to Lynda about next years’ trip. She said, “So here’s a funny story for you. It’s the second half of “the one that got away”. Remember the flasher & hoochie set up that you lost to that big salmon? On Saturday, we saw the flasher swimming along the beach. Barry cast out and was able to hook the flasher and bring it to shore. Turns out you had hooked a pink salmon on the tip of the tail. No wonder it was so strong and fought so hard for you!”
That set up was Killer! We caught a lot of fish on that and we hope Barry does too! Finders/Keepers!

-This fish tale comes from guests, Larry and Cora B., during the seventh week (August 2 – 8) of the 2015 season. Do you have a fish tale to share? Click here.